“Keep Doing Silly Things!” … or “The Artist Entrepreneur”

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“Keep Doing Silly Things!” … or “The Artist Entrepreneur”

The problem with being an impoverished artist is that if you stay impoverished then very soon you stop being an artist. If you haven’t got any money then you can’t buy materials, and then you are limited to drawing pictures in the sand with a stick. ( or making turtles out of pebbles and pieces […]

A Magical Final Show in Greece

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A Magical Final Show in Greece

I have just got back home from Mykonos, where the third and final show of our Summer of Mosaics Festival, Mosaics Odysseys, has been happening. The show is at the Municipal Art Gallery in Mykonos, easy to find right in the centre of the town. The Municipal Art Gallery is an old Cycladic mansion, formerly the […]

Mosaics Odysseys Summer 2016

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Mosaics Odysseys Summer 2016

I am taking part in a unique festival of mosaics, which is taking place over the summer of 2016 in 3 locations: London, Athens and Mykonos. I will be exhibiting together with 11 other artists, 5 British and 6 Greek, each mosaicist exhibiting new work inspired by the story of Odysseus. The artists who will […]

Its official … the coolest city in Europe is …..

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Its official … the coolest city in Europe is …..

ATHENS ! Despite what you may see in the media, Athens is a great place to visit: full of people doing business and living their lives with Greek style. And there is no other Capital City in Europe which is on the coast. Bonus ! I have just got back from a mosaic related business […]

Mosaic artist series: Ilana Shafir

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Mosaic artist series:  Ilana Shafir

This is #4 in my series of articles about Contemporary Mosaic artists. I picked Ilana Shafir as my mosaic artist for this article as she is one of my favourite mosaic artist. She was one of the founder members of the International Association of Contemporary Mosaicists, and has an international reputation. In a quick google […]

A suprise and a mystery ! …Greenwich Town Hall Mosaics

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I went to pick up my mosaics from the West Greenwich Library today as our exhibition ended today and I got a nice suprise ! As I was walking home suddenly I spotted something I have never noticed before. I have walked past this building hundreds of times but never looked up.  There is an art nouveau […]

Mosaic artist series: Elizabeth d’Ath

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In my Mosaic artist series I am introducing you to the best contemporary mosaic artists, including a few amazing 20 and 21st century mosaic artists. Elizabeth d’Ath who runs a mosaic studio in Brighton which is called inspiredmosaics.co.uk is an amazing artist who creates beautiful 2d and 3d mosaics including sculptures. She has exhibited widely including internationally […]

The penniless artist on the tube

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A couple of days ago I was travelling on the tube on the Jubilee line to Stratford and I noticed I was sitting opposite a man with a briefcase. This struck me as being slightly unusual as the city slickers these days seems to have dispensed with briefcases in favour of laptop bags. I observed […]

Opus Femina: Women’s Work

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A few days to go before the start of our exhibition of mosaics in Walthamstow. Myself and the mosaic artist Norma Vondee are having an exhibition of new work at the Pictorem Gallery in Walthamstow, starting on Tuesday 10 March running until Saturday 28 March. Private View will be on Thursday from 6.30pm. Come and […]

Brick Lane Street Art

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Had a fab day today wandering around Brick Lane in the East End of London looking at street art.