In Summer 2016 I took part in the Mosaic Odysseys Festival of Mosaics. This was an amazing European project in which 5 British based mosaicists and 6 Greek mosaicists collaborated to create 3 exhibitions of contemporary mosaic art. The first exhibition in July was at the Hellenic Centre in London, the second was in Athens at the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation in Athens, and the third in Mykonos at the Municipal Art Gallery in Mykonos. Please visit the project website to read full information about this project:
These pictures show my contribution to the exhibition which was the The Scylla (a 6 headed monster from the story of Odysseus) and Pegasus, the winged horse from Greek myth. The gallery picture also shows the work of the Greek artist Lydia Papadopoulou. This picture and the closeup picture were taken by Martina Puntin.

  • Pegasus mosaic closeup, Mosaic Odysseys Project

  • mixed media mosaic of Pegasus by Aliyahgator

  • mixed media mosaic of The Scylla from the story of Odysseus, by Aliyahgator

  • closeup of Scylla Mosaic by Aliyahgator

  • Scylla Mosaic by Aliyahgator exhibited at Hellenic Centre, London, 2016

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Mosaic Odysseys Project