A list of useful resources and websites to help you with your mosaic making

Of course you can just type ‘mosaics’ into google or facebook and a lot of interesting information and pictures will come up, but here are a few recommended links

Roman Mosaics
A blog by Lawrence Payne, owner of Roman Mosaics Workshop Ltd. in Bury St.Edmunds, Suffolk. This has a large number of articles about Roman mosaics  which give you a huge amount of detail.  I did a course in making Roman mosaics with Lawrence and I can thoroughly recommend it !
A list of Roman mosaics in the UK.


Contemporary Mosaics
A blog about contemporary mosaics and mosaic making by Kate Rattray who makes irridescent wall mosaics and mosaic sculptures about birds and the landscapes. There is so much practical information about mosaic making in this blog I highly recommend you to read it.
Free tutorials about all things mosaic from how to make mosaics on mesh to how to make Roman copies
Useful and free tutorials on all things mosaic !